Frequently Asked Questions

What type of awnings do you sell?

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  • What are the awning covers made from?
    Our standard and half cassette covers are made from 300gsm polyester. Full cassette covers are available in 300gsm polyester or 300gsm acrylic. All fabrics are hard wearing, waterproof, rot-proof, UV stabilised 300gsm polyester and is easy to sponge clean. The advantage of acrylic is that the individual threads are constructed from coloured material, whereas the polyester threads are made colourless and then dyed. If you cut an acrylic thread, you’ll see the colour all the way through, whereas if you cut a polyester thread, you’ll see a colourless centre. As a result the colours of the acrylic can be more subtle; in addition acrylic is slightly more fade resistant.
  • Are the awnings waterproof?
    Yes indeed. We use waterproofed 300 gsm material (gsm is 'grams per square metre'). To test the waterproofing, we regularly make a bucket out of the material, and fill the bucket with water. Not a drop comes through.
  • Do you do spare covers?
    We do – so you can change colour half way through the season!

Care and maintenance

  • How do I clean the awning?
    Clean the frame by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent. Clean the cover with warm soapy water using a sponge. Do not put it in the washing machine.
  • Can I keep the awning out all year round? Do you do storage covers?
    Awnings must not be left open during windy conditions or heavy rain. The awning cover is waterproof and can be left open during light rainy conditions. You can leave the awning fixed to the wall all year round – if you have a standard or half cassette awning, for added protection you may wish to purchase one of our storage covers.
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    Installation and operation

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    • How much space is required for an awning? How high should I fit it?

      The recommended height from the ground is 2.5m/3.5m. If you want to install lower than this, determine whether there is sufficient headroom when the awning is fully extended and that any doors can open.

      The vertical size of the fixing bracket is about 7 inches (approx 20cm). If space is tight you may wish to check that you have 7 clear inches before ordering. Our standard awnings can also be fitted to eaves or a horizontal surface using a double use bracket.

      The width and projection depend on the awning .

    • What are the measurements for the side of the awning?
    • How much will the awning slope down?
      The slope angle can be altered to suit, from almost horizontal to a relatively steep tilt of about 30 degrees.
    • How far does the awning open?

      It all depends on the width of the awning. The awning can be opened as little or as much as you like, up to the maximum projection as follows:

      • Width 2.0m (6ft 3"), Projection 1.5m(4ft9")
      • Width 2.5m (8ft 2"), Projection 2.0m(6ft7")
      • Width 3.0m (9ft10"), Projection 2.0m(6ft7") or 2.5m (8ft2&dblquot;), as specified
      • Width 3.5m (11ft6"), Projection 2.5m(8ft2")
      • Width 4.0m (13ft), Projection 3.0m(9ft8&dblquot;)
      • Width 4.5m ( 14ft7" ), Projection 3.0m(9ft8")
      • Width 5.0m ( 16ft4" ), Projection 3.0m(9ft8")
    • How many brackets are supplied?
      Two brackets are supplied with each 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m awning but three brackets are supplied for 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m and 5.0m awnings . Additional brackets are available. Click here for Spare parts & Accessories or please phone us for more details. The brackets can be placed nearer to each other or further apart if needed.
    • There’s a downpipe in the way - do you sell a bracket, or is there another way to get round this problem?
      We don't currently sell a bracket, but try Alternatively, use a wooden beam as a 'spacer' to hold the awning sufficiently far out from the wall to avoid the downpipe.
    • Which side is the winder?
      When looking at an awning installed on the wall the winder is on the left hand side.
    • Can the valence (frilly bit) be extended or removed?
      The valance cannot be extended on an awning. It can be removed if required for washing.
    • Do you sell side panels?
      We do not sell side panels.
    • Which way do the arms of the awning fold?
      Please see picture below Awning arms fold towards the middle
    • Who can install my awning?

      All our awnings are for DIY installation so fitting your awning couldn't be simpler. We supply full detailed sizing info and fitting instructions, click here for detailed instructions.

      A reasonably competent DIY-er can fit one of our awnings within an hour or two. It's a one-man job to put up the brackets, although you'll usually need help lifting the awning into place. We supply brackets and bolts for fitting the awnings to standard brick and masonry walls.

      If you'd like an experienced fitter to put up your awning, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with one of our local fitters or alternatively go onto the BBSA website British Blind and Shutter Association. We dont offer a service to install awnings.

    • How long will it take to install my awning?
      With the right tools it should take approximately two hours.

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