Flowtron Mosquito Power Trap MT-275A

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Flowtron Mosquito Power Trap MT-275A

Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes and Biting Flies

Recommended for areas up to 1 acre

Effective, Economical, Safe and Clean
Enjoy the outdoors all year round! Eliminate potentially dangerous mosquitoes and annoying biting flies from your patio, deck, yard, tennis court, ball field, waterfront, boat dock - any area up to an acre. Flowtron's PowerTrap is so effective and safe, you'll be amazed how easy it is to operate and maintain. Features include exclusive "set and forget" operation, special LED motion lighting, powerful vacuum action and patented non-clogging system.

Unlike other brands, the Flowtron PowerTrap has

  • NO open flame
  • NO nets to replace
  • NO glue panels to handle


  • Heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, the acknowledged leading attractants for mosquitoes and biting flies, are produced from propane gas and air.
  • Unique octenol cartridge releases a proven lure which, when combined with carbon dioxide, enhances the attraction for mosquitoes and biting flies.
  • LED motion lighting attracts a broader range of biting insects and increases the effective capture rate
  • Powerful vacuum draws biting insects into a convenient, reusable catch tray where they quickly dehydrate and die.
  • Clean, simple, fast insect disposal. No sticky paper or messy glue panels to handle and replace.
  • Fuel saver feature unit powers-down when the temperature drops below 55 degrees F. and automatically re-starts at warmer temperatures when mosquitoes are likely to be present and active.
  • Computerized electronics automatically control all operating functions in one of four individual time settings resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Timed on/off settings allow for more economical use of propane gas and octenol lure resulting in significant savings in operating costs over other brands.
  • Patented propane valve operation is non-clogging and unlike other brands, never needs cleaning.
  • Exclusive catalytic converter uses a platinum catalyst which is safe, flameless and never needs replacing.
  • Safe, low voltage wiring installs above or below ground. Operates from a refillable 20-lb. propane tank (as used with gas grills).


    Set and Forget modes:
    24/7: On 24 hours, 7 days
    3 hr: On at dusk, off 3 hours later
    3 + 2 hr: On at dusk, off 3 hours later; on again at dawn, off 2 hours later
    3 + 4 hr: On at dusk, off 4 hours later; on again at dawn, off 3 hours later

    Unit size: 14"L x 17"W x 32"H
    Electrical: UL and CSA listed power pack
    Input: 120 volts AC, 60 hertz, 20 watts
    Output: 12 volts AC, 1.5 amps.
    Wiring: 30 feet of low voltage wire included

    Made in USA
    One Year Limited Warranty

    Mosquito Powertrap Extension Cord
    Optional Extras: Mosquito Powertrap Extension Cord

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