Flowtron Night Guard 2 Bulb Portable Indoor Control

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Flowtron Night Guard 2 Bulb Portable Indoor

Lure Power: 30 Watts
Coverage: 500 sq. ft.

Portable, effective, sanitary

Flowtron's silent indoor fly control devices incorporate the latest in adhesive board design ensuring a clean, no-escape capture of flies and other light-sensitive flying insect pests. Insects are attracted to the device by ultraviolet blacklight and special Flowtron Fly Sex Lure and are captured as they come in contact with our out-of-sight, no-escape adhesive board.

Flowtron's designs are ideally suited to complement any decor and are designed for use particularly in restaurants, food processing plants, take-out food locations, supermarket meat and deli areas, hospitals, barns, stables...or whever flies are a threat to health and sanitation codes, and where the use of toxic chemicals is dangerous, undesirable or banned.


  • Effective, sanitary fly and flying insect control
  • Replaceable no-escape adhesive board
  • Portable, free standing unit; may be wall mounted
  • Use on counter-top, shelves, or other work areas
  • White steel enclosure
  • Includes FREE fly sex lure (pheromone)
  • Sex lure increases effectiveness in attracting and killing house and garbage flies
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • One year limited warranty

Two 15 watt ultraviolet bulbs
Indoor use only
Space 20 feet apart
Unit dimensions: 11" high x 18-1/2" wide x 3-1/4" deep
Replacement bulb: Flowtron BF-205

Replacement Pad for Night Guard 2 Bulb Portable Indoor Control
Optional Extras: Replacement Pad for Night Guard 2 Bulb Portable Indoor Control

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