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This is a great product, and we offer a no-quibble refund if you return to us within 30 days. See below, or give us a call if you want to know more about how they work - speak to one of our experts for a full explanation of how to get the most out of these humane and effective cat deterrent systems.

The Cat Deterrent 40 is the quickest fix for cats in the garden. Battery powered, it's easy to install by pushing into the ground using the stake supplied, or it can be screwed to a wall or fence. It has a test button which lowers the noise to an audible frequency so that you can check that it's working.

Why the motion sensor? The Cat 40 comes complete with an infra-red (PIR) motion sensor which turns the device on when a warm body enters the controlled area. This has an important purpose other than saving battery life: researchers have found that cats can become desensitized to the noise if they realise that random sounds are not associated directly with their presence in the controlled area. With the motion sensor, the cat learns to associate the noise with its own movement, and is much less likely to stop being afraid of the noise.

Requires two 9V batteries (the rectangular ones used in smoke alarms)Battery life depends on how many times the device is activated, but they typically last 3-4 months assuming 10 activations per day.Batteries aren't supplied as standard, but we can supply 2 x 9V Duracell 6LR61: (see options above)

What area does it cover
It covers a 98 degree arc, to a distance of up to 40ft (12m), giving a total unobstructed working area of 1200sq ft (120sq m).

How quickly will it work?
If the cats have a habit of feeding and fouling in your garden, it can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect. 'Occasional' visitors will usually be stopped within 7 days. If you have a dog, it may affect the dog if it's allowed in the same part of the garden. The sound doesn't travel well through walls and fences, so it won't affect a dog in the house, or a neighbour's dog.

The Advanced Cat Scarer can be found here.

- the jet spray repeller (click here)
- brikka strip cat spikes on the fences to stop the cats getting in in the first place.

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Due to your customer feedback we replaced the expansion bolts (used to fix the awning onto the wall) with stronger coach bolts and expansion rawl plugs. This upgrade means your fixings are stronger, more reliable and more durable.