PestBye Solar Cat Scarer

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PestBye Solar Cat Scarer


  • Height 5¼in (13.5cm) x Width 4¼in (11cm) x Depth 3in (7.5cm)
  • Weight 7.5oz (215g)

  • Solar powered means no energy costs
  • Moveable solar panel included so it can be easily angled towards the sun
  • 3 settings switch - on with strobe, on without strobe, or cat scarer turned off
  • Ultrasonic sound - undetectable to humans but will scare and annoy any cats in the vicinity
  • Wall or fence mount keeps your lawn free of obstructions
  • Safe and bird-friendly
  • Motion sensor for maximum efficiency
  • Humane method of keeping animals from your garden
  • Has a 22ft range over a 110° arc, creating an oval area of effect measuring 465ft²

If there are unwanted animals in your garden, digging through your flowerbeds, fouling your garden and generally making a nuisance of themselves, the Cat Scarer is the answer. Able to scare away not only cats, but foxes as well, this device can keep your plants from being nibbled, and your garden from being played in all night. The sound doesn't travel well through walls and fences, so it won't affect a dog in the house, or a neighbour's dog. However, family pets which use the same garden may be affected. Of course, as with all animal behaviour solutions, we can’t guarantee effectiveness in every situation. However, our own experience and our customer feedback have consistently reflected high performance and versatility.

Solar Power

This product is solar powered, which means it is economical, and easy to use. No messy cords or cables - simply find the ideal spot on the wall or fence and let the ultrasonic noise take effect. You'll start to see a difference within a week, and within a few weeks even your most stubborn visitors will be deterred. The solar panel is adjustable, so you can chase the sun for extra charge.

Ultrasonic Sound and Strobe Light

First, the infrared motion sensor detects a warm body moving within the oval, 110 degree arc, up to a distance of 22ft. Once the body is detected, the PestBye Solar Cat Scarer produces an ultrasonic sound at a high frequency, which is inaudible to humans, but will frighten and annoy any cats in the vicinity without scaring away any birds. In addition to the noise, there is also the option to turn on an intense strobe light which will further ward off the animals.

Wall Mount

The easy to use wall mount is attached using a keyhole hook and a simple screw, both of which are included with the product. Wall mounting means that it is less likely for an animal to knock over the scarer and damage it, and also means you don't need to make a hole in your lawn or flowerbed.

Three Position Switch

This Cat Scarer has three different positions for the switch. Position one means that when the motion sensor is triggered, the unit will produce a high pitched ultrasonic frequency, in conjunction with a bright strobe light, for 20 seconds, to ward away unwanted cats. Position two means that the unit is off, and the sensors will not be triggered. Position three means that when the motion sensor is triggered, the unit will produce a high pitched ultrasonic frequency for 20 seconds, but the strobe lights will not come on.

Due to the strobe light used, this product may affect those with photosensitive epilepsy.

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Due to your customer feedback we replaced the expansion bolts (used to fix the awning onto the wall) with stronger coach bolts and expansion rawl plugs. This upgrade means your fixings are stronger, more reliable and more durable.