Rat Cage Trap

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Optional gloves:
Rat Cage Trap

A traditional device for the humane trapping of rats or similar sized pests.
A spring-loaded front entrance is triggered when the intruder takes the bait, safely trapping it inside.

* Supplied with simple setting instructions.
* Galvanized to resist rust.
* Carry-handle on the top of the cage.
* Fully assembled and ready to be baited.

Product Dimensions:
Length 16 inches (40.5cm)
Width 6 inches (15cm)
Height 7 inches (18.5cm)

Nature's Defense: Mouse and Rat Repellent
Optional Extras: Nature's Defense: Mouse and Rat Repellent

To specifically target rodents

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Due to your customer feedback we replaced the expansion bolts (used to fix the awning onto the wall) with stronger coach bolts and expansion rawl plugs. This upgrade means your fixings are stronger, more reliable and more durable.