Wind-Action Owl Decoy - Pigeon Scarer

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Wind-Action Owl Decoy - Pigeon Scarer

The wind-action owl is a simple but effective tool that will keep pigeons and other birds away from your roof and garden. It features a rotating head and reflective eyes, giving the owl a realistic appearance for guaranteed results.


  • Perfect for deterring birds and pests from your garden and roof
  • Humane - keeps birds away without harming them
  • Wind-action rotating head - moves in wind, allowing the statue to be left in one place without any running costs
  • Reflective eyes for a more realistic look

Finding an effective and humane way to get rid of pigeons can be a challenge, but it can be avoided with this Wind-Action Owl Decoy. This lifelike pigeon scarer can be hung on trees, a balcony, placed on a flat roof, or anywhere else where you need to scare away nuisance birds. While other birds may sometimes visit your garden, pigeons on the other hand cause damage to buildings and are a potential thread to the spread of diseases, such as Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, and Psittacosis.

We recommend using more than one figurine at a time for best results, and changing its location so that pigeons and other birds will not get used to it. The rotating head with reflective eyes moves with the wind, giving a realistic appearance to the statue for increased effectiveness.


Height: 16.1" (40.8cm) x Length: 7.9" (20cm) x Width: 7.1" (18cm)

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Due to your customer feedback we replaced the expansion bolts (used to fix the awning onto the wall) with stronger coach bolts and expansion rawl plugs. This upgrade means your fixings are stronger, more reliable and more durable.